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If our families, our economy, and our island environment are not secure, then Guam's future is insecure.

Judi will educate lawmakers on Guam’s needs and work tirelessly to support our Families, strengthen our Economy, and protect our  Environment,  to ensure sustainable growth for this generation and the next.


  • Rent is not affordable for our residents.
  • Building a home is too costly.
  • Many of our people are homeless – a growing percentage are CHamoru.
  1. Reduce homelessness, increase housing vouchers and eligibility.
  2. Increase the supply of homes in the community.
  3. Make rent affordable by leveling the playing field on and off-base.
  4. Increase funding and capacity to build additional low-income housing units.

Too many families have been devastated by drug and substance abuse, which contributes to domestic violence, unstable families, and poverty. Our loved ones and their families impacted by the drug crisis on Guam need direct support.

  1. Increase resources to prevent illicit drug trafficking and production.
  2. Commit federal resources for the Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency to cut off the supply of methamphetamines coming to Guam through the U.S. Postal Service.
  3. Secure federal assistance to expand access to drug and substance abuse treatment, recovery, family support services, and rehabilitation.
  4. Support juvenile justice and delinquency prevention.

Everyone deserves access to adequate healthcare. We have a responsibility to support our loved ones – our children, manåmko, disabled, and Veteran community – and their caretakers.

  1. Support efforts to protect women’s rights to reproductive and sexual health and access to health services and availability.
  2. Fund and support local efforts to establish dedicated healthcare facilities for our women, children, disabled, Veteran, and elder community.
  3. Establish a medical center on Guam to review and adjudicate Veteran disability claims.
  4. Fund a nursing home and homecare services for Veterans and Seniors.
  5. Support the expansion of Medicaid and Medicare to provide more healthcare services for our residents.
  6. Support fair access to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for residents on Guam.
  7. Hire a Veteran Advocate to staff the Guam Office of the Delegate and give Veterans and caretakers direct access to Judi.


Investing in our economy requires investing in our children—in our soon to-be professionals—and our local businesses who will strengthen our workforce here at home. Our construction labor shortage is not just a housing issue; it is an economic issue, limiting Guam’s growth. The nursing shortage is more than just a healthcare issue, and adequate care creates more opportunities for local labor productivity. Guam also needs to ensure that it maximizes benefits from military contracts and activity.

  1. Secure funds and resources to incentivize growth of local skilled laborers, nurses, and other critical industries through tuition-free training and internships.
  2. Remove the federal restrictions on H-2B labor for off-base work, regardless of the relationship to military projects and prioritize H-1B status for nurses coming to Guam.
  3. Re-establish a fully functioning Ship Repair Facility.
  4. Ensure that military contractors pay local taxes.
  5. Advance resources for the development of domestic and regional partnerships to expand our tourist and trade industry.
  6. Support the diversification of our tourist industry through eco-tourism and cultural tourism.
  7. Establish an Education Trust Fund for descendant of World War II victims.
  8. Expand student financial aid assistance and grant opportunities to incentivize the return of residents.
  9. Advocate for a regional representative from the SBA and USDA to support the availability of services and loans to small businesses.
  10. Support technological advancement for Guam and improved telecommunications and data capability.


Our island has limited resources and we are dependent on imported food and commodities. Our shared resources—land, surface water and ground water, reefs and oceans—are under stress from development, military activities, and climate change. We must work to preserve what we have, and when lands are returned to our People, they should be cleaned up, free from contamination and pollutants.

  1. Advance food security programs and resources by investing in local farming, food production, and community farms to lower the cost of local food and advance our regional export industry
  2. Increase the supply of homes in the community
  3. Pursue recycling solutions and renewable energy programs to lower home and transportation expenses
  4. Garner funding to preserve the integrity of the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer and freshwater resources
  5. Pursue solutions to ensure respectful and lawful preservation of cultural resources significant to CHamoru heritage
  6. Support forward-thinking strategies to protect marine resources, support mangrove reforestation, and address sea-level rise and the climate change
  7. Ensure the preservation of CHamoru cultural resources
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