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If our families, our economy, and our island environment are not secure, then Guam's future is insecure.

Judi will educate lawmakers on Guam’s needs and work tirelessly to support our Families, strengthen our Economy, and protect our  Environment,  to ensure sustainable growth for this generation and the next.

Secure Environment:

Our island has limited resources and we are dependent on imported food and commodities. Our shared resources—land, surface water and ground water, reefs and oceans—are under stress from development, military activities, and climate change. We must work to preserve what we have, and when lands are returned to our People, they should be cleaned up, free from contamination and pollutants.

Judi will work to:

  • Advance food security programs and resources by investing in local farming, food production, and community farms to lower the cost of local food and advance our regional export industry

  • Increase the supply of homes in the community

  • Pursue recycling solutions and renewable energy programs to lower home and transportation expenses

  • Garner funding to preserve the integrity of the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer and freshwater resources

  • Pursue solutions to ensure respectful and lawful preservation of cultural resources significant to CHamoru heritage

  • Support forward-thinking strategies to protect marine resources, support mangrove reforestation, and address sea-level rise and climate change

  • Ensure the preservation of CHamoru cultural resources

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