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Judi's Approach

vote judi won pat borja for congress

Judi Won Pat still has more to give to our community. She is committed to thoughtful, hard work in Washington, D.C. Judi will work to support our Families, strengthen our Economy, and protect our Environment to ensure sustainable growth for this generation and the next.

Judi’s commitment to public service—in every capacity—is motivated by her love for our people, her devotion to our beautiful island, and her deep respect for our way of life. Judi’s personal and professional experience make her equipped to represent Guam in Washington, D.C. Working with legislators and educating them on Guam’s aspirations and needs is a challenge she is well-prepared for.

Judi understands how Washington, D.C. works. She also knows how the federal government can improve the lives of the People of Guam.

Judi will focus on Guam security:  If our families, our economy, and our island environment are not secure, then Guam’s future is insecure.

Washington, D.C. is the place where federal decisions are made for Guam. There are many actions that can benefit Guam. There are also federal decisions that do not make sense for our people. Judi’s approach is to make sure that Guam maximizes its value to the federal government. She will work to deliver what the people of Guam deserve in terms of resources for our families, our economy, and our environment.

Judi will educate those in Washington, D.C., letting the federal government know how important Guam is and its responsibility to the People of Guam. She will remind officials that our island’s contribution is much “bigger” than our “small” size.

Solutions to problems are often complex. Judi brings a focused, multi-layered approach to identifying issues and solutions that directly improve our daily lives in Guam.

Judi is committed to being accessible every day. She is committed to working with local and federal leaders to shape federal policy to meet Guam’s needs. Judi will not quit until the federal government recognizes Guam’s worth.

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