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Congressman Hakeem Jeffries
“I proudly and strongly endorse Judi Won Pat as the next representative from Guam. She has remarkable experience, energy, empathy and a deep knowledge of the Pacific region that will enable her to hit the ground running in Washington. Judi will represent Guam well and contribute to the American ideal of excellence, inclusion and fairness. Biba Guam!”
Former Congressman Robert A. Underwood
"I have known Judi throughout our respective careers. From the classroom, to school administrator and as Speaker of the Guam Legislature, her reputation for her hard work, collaborating with others and caring deeply about results has marked her career. In the footsteps of her father A.B. Won Pat, our first Delegate to Congress, I know that Judi will bring Guam to Washington and serve our people with distinction."
Former Senator Jim Espaldon
“Over the many years I have known and worked with Judi Won Pat, she has always been fair, thoughtful and focused on doing the right thing for our island. Her experience, proven track record and dedication to Guam make her a viable choice to represent Guam in Congress."
Former Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo
"I have known Judi for many years. She is a hard working professional who has put the people of Guam first throughout her career. As Guam’s representative to Congress, in the tradition of her father, I know that Judi will continue to deliver for our island. Biba Won Pat for Congress!"
Congressman Raúl Grijalva (Arizona)
"Judi and I had a great discussion about the many issues our Committee will be dealing with in the next Congress. Medicaid, SSI, the Compact of Free Association, environmental issues and the appropriate recognition of Guam in the federal system. Judi knows the region and the work ahead of the Congress. She will be an important, informed voice as we take up the Compact renegotiations and address the issue of Compact Impact Aid for the people of Guam."

Nerissa Underwood

Endorsement – Nerissa Underwood, Former Senator and DOE Superintendent “I have known Judi as an educator, mom, grandma, and Speaker. Over the years, she has consistently demonstrated tenacity and resiliency in the midst of the most painful personal and challenging professional situations. She has shown leadership skills in mediating conflicting parties. She has crafted legislation that has made a difference in the lives of thousands of students and educators. Of course, it’s easy for people to make general statements for the need of someone new or to focus on mistakes she made in the past. But at the end of the day, she is knowledgeable, courageous, and reliable. I thank her for her service to our community in the past and for stepping up as a candidate for the congressional seat.” Read more Endorsements

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Doreen Borja

Endorsement – Doreen Borja, Retired Elementary Teacher “Judi Won Pat is the most qualified and accomplished candidate running for the Guam Delegate office. I believe she will be successful in improving the quality of life for the People of Guam.” Read more Endorsements

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Celestino Aguon, Retired Chief of Aquatic and Wildlife Division, Department of Agriculture

Endorsement – Celestino Aguon, Retired Chief of Aquatic and Wildlife Division, Department of Agriculture “I’ve known Judi for over thirty (30) years through her husband Mel, my friend and life-long advocate for our natural environment. Judi understands how important it is to protect Guam’s natural resources for our children and future generations, and I believe she is committed to prioritizing federal assistance for environmental protection on Guam.” Read more Endorsements

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Former Senator Tom Ada

Endorsement – Former Senator Tom Ada “I’ve worked with Speaker Won Pt in the Legislature for over eighteen (18) years. As colleagues, I’ve come to know Speaker Won Pat to be a leader with integrity and who is capable of bringing people together to find solutions despite their differences. I trust her leadership and now she is the candidate who will best represent Guam’s needs in Washington, D.C.”  Read more Endorsements

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Rena Borja, REALTOR

Endorsement – Rena Borja “As a woman and a mother, wanting the best for your family transcends into also wanting the best for your people and your island. Her experience as an educator, senator and Speaker of the Legislature says a lot about what she is capable of. Being humble, respectful and compassionate are just some of her attributes that convinces me she can be a great representative for our island.“ Read more Endorsements

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